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HUSKY Residential Central Vacuum Units

Husky central vacuum systems are internationally renown for their quality, performance and durability.  VJV have the broadest range of products on the market including the dry hybrid models that can be used with or without a filtration bag and wet and dry models .


The Husky Flex central vacuum unity is a powerful, compact and ultra quiet Central Vacuum System. This central vacuum is designed for single story homes and apartments.

Combining power, durability, quality and the highest dust filtration available, the Husky Flex offers all the great features found in any high-end central vacuum, but in a compact and affordable vacuum system.

The Husky Flex is a Hybrid filtration model that may be used with or without a high efficiency Husky disposable filtration bag. It has a machine-washable permanent filter with antibacterial treatment for odor prevention and superior air quality.

The Husky Flex central vacuum system is a stylish model combining painted steel and brushed aluminium for a premium look.

A smart LED display module indicates when it is time to change the bag or empty the canister or perform maintenance.

Technical Specifications


21 litre capacity

580 air watts

3472 mm H2O

59 dB

25 year parts warranty



Extreme cleaning power. Brushed Aluminium and polished chrome stainless steel finish. Dual filtration System.

The Cyklon is built with a high performance motor which makes it one of the most powerful central vacuum systems available.

The Cyclonic action allows the unit to capture dirt in the canister where the permanent filter protects the motor. If used in tandem with the convenience of a disposable bag, it prevents the user from being in contact from the dust when emptying the canister, and procure a dual filtration and cleaner air.

The CYKLON is built with polished chrome, stainless steel and brushed aluminium components, for increased ruggedness, ease of maintenance and durability.

A smart LED display module indicates when it is time to change the bag or empty the canister or perform maintenance.

Technical Specifications


30 litre capacity

665 air watts

3569 mm H2O

69 dB

25 year parts warranty


Husky is proud to introduce the TITAN, a new dry dust model equipped with 2 motors  for maximum vacuum power. The bar has been raised again and Husky takes pole position in the heavy weight category of the most powerful central vacuums on the market. This unit is suitable for the  largest , most complex mulit story homes  or commercial offices.

This unit has a soft start & soft stop features to improve the motors lifespan. It has the Hybrid filtration system for use with or without disposable filtration bag and a filter with antibacterial Silpure treatment.  The Titan also has an intelligent LED indicato that gives a warning notification for emptying the dust canister and for device shutdown when maintenance is required.

The high quality paint and brushed aluminum  finish  provides a luxurious style.

Technical Specifications


43.2 litre capacity

1100 air watts

5334 mm H2O

25 year parts warranty


The solid reputation of the Husky brand comes from the many years of great success of its wet & dry central vacuums. Recently redesigned with sophisticated and discerning praise, the Husky PRO dominates the wet & dry world in central vacuuming. Equipped with two motors for unequalled vacuum power, the PRO 200 offers great characteristics for complete cleaning efficiency in any residential or commercial vacuuming jobs.

Technical Specifications

Model number : PRO-200  

220-240 V, 2981 W, 13 A

Maximum Air Watts : 1100

Maximum depression : 5334 mm H2O

Maximum air flow : 50 l/s

Dust canister capacity : 43.4 litres

Filtration bag capacity : 30 litres

Unit dimensions (H x D x W) : 880 x 352 x 371 

Unit weight : 18.4 kg