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HUSKY Commercial Wet and Dry Central Vacuum Systems

Husky wet and dry central vacuum units are manufactured in Canada by Nuera Air. Nuera Air are the largest manufacturer of central vacuum units in the world.  Nuera Air have been designing and manufacturing vacuums in Canada for more than 50 years. This is what gives us the opportunity to offer you guaranteed high quality and high performance products. Join the hundreds of thousand Husky owners in the world and discover how the Husky central vacuum system makes a difference for you and your environment. Husky central vacuum systems add value to your home  and additionally help your home  become more environmentally friendly. 

Husky is proud to introduce a great new line-up of wet & dry models with great suction power for LIQUIDS and SOLIDS   These new models are designed for residential, commercial and industrial use. Husky is THE one-stop-shop for dry dust and wet & dry central cleaning.

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