Why choose a Ducted System?


Power & Deep Cleaning

Ducted vacuum units have powerful motors than regular uprights or hand-helds. Ducted vacuums clean deep down into the carpet grabbing dust, pet dander, mites, allergy-causing particles, and other unwanted filth, helping you save your flooring and improving your family’s health.


Ease of Use & Versatility

Homeowners will appreciate the ease and versatility a ducted vacuum provides, because no other vacuuming system lets you clean every nook and cranny of the house, including the garage, so fast and effectively!

VJV Limited the first choice for all central vacuum system requirements.

VJV supply, install and service central vacuum systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications. No job too big or too small. Central Vacuum Systems , the healthy option for homes, offices and factories.

Since installing an electron vacuum system I have noticed the air quality in my home is better and everything is much cleaner. It’s so easy to use and I finally get my extra closet space back! Highly recommend

Sue Robins

Residential Vacuum Systems

Superior suction and best possible cleanliness central vacuum systems suitable for residential homes and apartments. Manufactured for VJV by Electron Vacuum Systems, Australia

Commercial Vacuum Systems

Reliability & performance assured with these high-quality products suitable for homes & commercial offices. These products are manufactured for VJV by Husky of Canada.

Industrial Vacuum Systems

Custom designed industrial vacuum systems with an engineered edge are manufactured for VJV by Spencer Turbines and Blowers, USA, suitable for all industrial applications.